The Affenpinscher is a small breed of dog known for its distinctive appearance and lively personality.

Facts Of Affenpinscher

1) Weight

An Affenpinscher’s weight might vary, but generally speaking, they weigh between 6 and 13 pounds (2.7 and 5.9 kilograms). As there might be variances among dogs of the same breed, some people might fall inside or outside of this range. To make sure your particular Affenpinscher is within a healthy weight range for their size and build, it is crucial to monitor their weight and speak with a veterinarian. Your dog can maintain a healthy weight by eating well and exercising frequently.

2) Height

An Affenpinscher stands 9 to 11.5 inches (23 to 29 centimeters) tall at the shoulder on average. The distance is measured from the ground to the dog’s withers, which is the ridge between its shoulder blades. Bear in mind that while Affenpinschers can vary in height, some dogs may fall just a little outside of this range. However, you can generally get a reasonable estimate of the size of this little breed from these measurements.

Small, square-built Affenpinschers have wiry, dense coats that come in a variety of colors, including black, tan, black and tan, gray, silver, and red. Long hair covers their round heads, which also feature short muzzles, dark eyes, and black noses. Their ears are either clipped somewhat or point straight up; occasionally, they droop a little. Affens have level backs and short, straight necks that slope downward to deep, broad chests. Unless they are cut, their tails are often carried high and curve over the back. Affenpinschers look clean but unkempt as a whole.


  • Intelligent
  • Energetic
  • Active
  • Curious
  • Courageous
  • Playful

Ideal Human Companion

  • City dwellers
  • Active singles
  • Families
  • Retirees

How They Are to Live With

The nickname “monkey terrier” refers to Affenpinschers’ playful nature as well as their appearance. They are quite strong and vivacious for toy-sized dogs and have a terrific sense of high-energy fun. Your Affen might meet you at the door with a toy in its mouth, inviting you to wrestle and play on the carpet. They also enjoy making people laugh and have a terrific sense of humor.

Affenpinschers are faithful, loyal, and fiercely protective, carefully observing any alterations or irregularities in the house. They are brave and noisy when necessary, which makes them effective watchdogs. Affens make great apartment dogs since they can fit in tight spaces and help with small insect issues.

Affenpinscher History

The Affenpinscher, whose name translates to “monkey terrier” in German, was developed as a farm dog in Europe, where it was used to flush rats out of stables and hunt wildlife in the open fields. Affenpinschers helped keep troublesome mice and rats away despite being bred smaller through time and becoming popular house pets. The Affenpinscher contributed to the development of numerous important European breeds before it was recognized by the AKC in 1936, including the Miniature Schnauzer and the Brussels Griffon.

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