How to Protect Your Dog from Coyotes
Coyotes are wild animals that can be dangerous to dogs, especially small dogs and puppies. If you live in an area where coyotes are present, there are a number of things you can do to protect your dog.

Here are some tips:

Bring your dog inside at night. This is the best way to protect your dog from coyotes, as coyotes are most active at night. If you must leave your dog outside at night, make sure that they are in a secure enclosure that coyotes cannot get into.

Keep your dog on a leash when you are walking. This will prevent your dog from running off and chasing a coyote. If your dog does see a coyote, try to keep them close to you and calmly walk away. Do not run, as this could trigger the coyote’s chase instinct.

Avoid walking your dog in areas where coyotes have been seen. If you must walk your dog in a coyote-prone area, be sure to stay on well-lit paths and avoid walking alone.

Build a coyote-proof fence around your yard. A coyote-proof fence should be at least 8 feet tall and extend 12 inches underground. The fence should also be made of a material that coyotes cannot climb, such as chain link or metal.

Remove attractants from your yard. This includes food and water sources, as well as bird feeders and pet food dishes. Coyotes are attracted to easy food sources, so removing these attractants will help to keep them away from your yard.

Make yourself look and sound as big and intimidating as possible if you encounter a coyote. Shout, wave your arms, and throw objects at the coyote. You can also bring a whistle or air horn with you and use it to scare the coyote away. If the coyote does not back down, you may need to use physical force to protect your dog.

If a coyote attacks your dog, do not run. Instead, stand your ground and make yourself look as big and intimidating as possible. You can also try to scare the coyote away by making loud noises or throwing objects at it. If the coyote does not back down, you may need to use physical force to protect your dog.

If your dog is attacked by a coyote, take it to the vet immediately. Even if your dog does not have any obvious injuries, it may have been bitten or scratched by the coyote, which could lead to infection.

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